Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

okay as a break today I am doing this.

I owe spelling bees (not really though. I remember the highlight of my spelling career was out-spelling [yes, out-spelling] the smartest girl in class [not me, oh you] on the word multiplication. boom. But let’s be honest here, I am not a terrible speller, I am a terrible¬†typer¬†, those two things are different. See I grew up with pencils and paper [those giant pencils] and learned to spell. Also I really like playing on my computer/robot spelling game, which you think would defeat my original point of typing; however, those keyboards are like computer keyboards and when you are like seven you aren’t trying to gain a skill [other than learning how to spell]. I never took typing in high school because that was for losers [and i’m a winner, but in a very loose sense of the word (re: I work in a restaurant)] and when I did get typing points they were incorrect [double space after the period — come on!]. Where was I? Oh, I think I can spell, but I definitely can not type [or text] to any great ability and my apathy to change mistakes outweighs any motivation i might have to also become a better typer [texter — you get the general meaning of what i mean].)

I think i might do okay on this? Although they only have British/American versions and that fucking sucks.